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Return on investment is key in your direct marketing efforts. Every marketing campaign that is launched has the potential to inform your subsequent campaigns, allowing your campaigns to get more segmented and targeted over time. To help our clients realize these improvements, Sharpdots offers marketing campaign tools that generate actionable data: information that will help you find your customers and get the right message to them.


• Harness and leverage data from direct mail, email and web efforts
• Create Personalized URLs to provide individualized content
Boost responses and measure level of interest
Track responses not only in your campaign, but through to your website
Intelligent Barcode Tracking notifies when your mail piece has been delivered
• Built in CRM/Contact Management or integration with your existing system
• Review a comprehensive set of reports instantly
Interactive Direct Mail connects your customers to internet based channels through your direct mail piece
Landing Pages based in Personalized URLs allow for content that capture the attention of your customer
• Reinforce your direct mail campaigns with personalized email campaigns