Marketers report sales lead quality as their #1 most important metric for measuring content marketing success.

"85% of marketers say lead generation will be their most important content marketing goal in 2016"
— Forbes Magazine, December 2105

Don't get left behind!

Introducing the Sharpdots marketing automation platform, providing simple, affordable, and customized marketing automation soutions for your business. Our Platform will help you generate, identify, and qualify leads, Improve your brand identity, and measure campaign ROI with ease.

Why Marketing Automation?


Customize Creative

Present your identity consistently through fully customized design work on each and every part of your campaign - including direct mailpieces, emails, Microsite pages, social media, and more!


Qualify Leads

Identify previously anonymous leads and capture detailed information - everything from demographics to product or service interest. Automate and optimize your marketing communications based on real-time data from your target market.


Create Opportunity

Score leads based on their behavior and get instant sales opportunity alerts for prospects. Automate lead qualification with instantly updating data to know when and how to sell to your prospects.

What We Provide

Each Platform is custom designed to fit your needs represent your identity. No two Platforms are the same, and we will taylor make and personalize to achieve maximum profitability.

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It's all about relevance

We help you focus your efforts on the right people who matter to your business, and transform them into customers. Our goal is to reduce the waste of marketing campaigns, find the most effective client bases, and strengthen the channels that drive the most leads and sales.

Attract and convert new leads

We employ and implement marketing automation technology, to improve your understanding of your organizations marketing to sales process. Once implemented, you will begin to see extraordinary insights into your
marketing and sales practices—and
ways to improve them.

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