IP Targeting Case Study

Client: Investment Property Management Service



Clients offered services to manage investment properties and book private and corporate clientele.  In delivering memorable experiences for groups, the properties offered needed to meet very specific size and amenities profiles.  The client’s goal was to sign properties for a target geographic area, offering more stable rental revenue for the investor.


The primary challenge in this campaign was the high cost of lead acquisition.  While a highly profiled data list provided qualified targets, the cost of reaching those targets was prohibitive.  Multiple mailings of traditional direct mail would be costly and require a long span of time.  A single mailing was viable, but would greatly limit the clients exposure, relying on a single touch for a response in the form of an inbound phone call.


A data list of property owner addresses meeting the profile was used as the source for the campaign. Sharpdots’ IP Targeting technology provided a hybrid solution to meet the client’s challenge. Sharpdots matched the mail list to locate the IP addresses of devices at the physical addresses.  Digital ads were served for a two week period before and the two week period after the date when the mail piece was delivered.
The prospects, having seen the digital ad, reinforced by the physical letter, could then click through to the offer to assess their investment property, resulting in a qualified lead for the client.


Despite the relatively small size of the campaign list, the campaign realized a very high click through rate, roughly 6x the national standard for digital ads.
Because the digital ads were delivered via IP and not cookies, ads were assured to land at target destinations with a level of accuracy many times that of cookie based ads. Combined with a personalized mail piece, the client’s brand was delivered to each household, minimizing and eliminating dollars wasted in missed deliveries.  The campaign effectively accomplished in one hybrid campaign the results of a much costlier set of multiple direct mail campaigns.
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