Anonymous Visitor Case Study

Target: Online Jewelry Store



The client is a leading online jewelry company. For over 20 years, the company has benefited from highly refined digital advertising and, as a result, as consistently driven heavy traffic to their site. 


As with many commerce sites, much of the web traffic anonymously browsed products or filled shopping carts without completing a purchase.  This was clear in the web analytics, and presented a vast number of potential customers, specifically ones who had shown purchase intent. The challenge was to identify these anonymous visitors and take them to conversion.


Sharpdots inserted tracking technology on client site to track visitors.  Each visitor was then scrubbed through data systems, and added to a mail list when their physical addresses could be matched.  In regular time increments, contacts in these lists were sent mailers with offers, driving traffic from this sub group back to the client site.  All customer data was held in Sharpdots’ systems, and not at client, to conform to privacy rules.   At the end of the campaign, the customer supplied Sharpdots with a list of all new customers within the campaign period.  With this list, Sharpdots was able to confirm and attribute the newly acquired customers to the ad campaign list, and demonstrate with accuracy the effectiveness and return.


Sharpdots was able to successfully open access to a blind spot for the client.  Just over 20,000 anonymous visitors were located and mailed offers.  With a 0.61% conversion rate, just under $54,000 of revenue was generated.  The ROI after campaign costs was  just over 300%.

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