Aggregated Audience Case Study

Target: Pet Food Supplier



A pet food supplier specializing in natural, premium-quality treats had just completed a comprehensive rebranding. They were looking to maximize the launch of their new branding at an upcoming trade show.


As a small company, the client could not budget spending for brand exposure like a giant competitor.  Much of their budget was already dedicated to exhibiting at the trade show.  Ideally, any ad spend beyond reinforcing brand recognition, would generate leads directly at the trade show. With a lot of competitors at the trade show, the client needed to get the most out of the event. In order to reach their goals, we devised a strategy that allowed them to be selective about what they chose to show, without being cost prohibitive. 


Using our Virtual Venue ad tech, Sharpdots targeted buyers and C-Level representatives gathered at the trade show venue. A nominal increase in the client’s trade show budget would expose the their brand to this audience. Sharpdots defined a very specific polygon around the convention center and associated hotel.  Within this area, and to an industry leading 95% accuracy, devices present at the venue were served digital ads, resulting in a granular distribution of ad impressions to individuals targeted.


Over 121,000 impressions were served to the defined area, the vast majority of which reached the intended target audience.  The click through rate to the client’s landing page was double the national average, at 0.158%.  The client was able to expand their reach at the trade show and drive traffic to their newly redesigned booth.

Holiday Schedule: Sharpdots will be closed on Thursday, July 4, 2024, and Friday, July 5, 2024. Production will resume on Monday, July 8, 2024.
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