4 Ways to Attract Customers with Large Format Signage



For business owners and direct marketers, effective promotional signs are key to success. In fact, a study by the Sign Research Foundation shows the positive effect of signs on sales–over 60% of businesses report a 10% increase in sales due to promotional signage.

Most businesses already use large format signs. They are many ways businesses use signage to communicate their message to local audiences whether to in-store foot traffic or drivers on nearby streets.

You can harness the potential of large format signage by promoting your brand, products, and services or by guiding your customers through the in-store sales process.

Banners increase visibility for businesses

Explore 4 ways to attract customers with large format signage.


1 | Increase Visibility

Large-format signage is easily noticeable from a distance, helping to attract attention to your business. When placed outdoors, large signs stand out among other advertising mediums.

The same study by theSign Research Foundation showed that removing signage can be harmful. One motel from the study removed its highly visible sign to a less conspicuous location resulting in 36% less occupants.

For increased visibility, we recommend outdoors banners. Large-format outdoor banners are individually printed and hand finished with optional hemmed edges and grommets for easy attachment and assembly. They’re made to withstand the elements and attract customers year round.

Outdoor banner on concrete wall with bush wall


2 | Reinforce Brand Awareness

A large sign prominently displaying your business name, logo, and branding elements can reinforce your brand identity in the minds of potential customers. Consistent exposure to your brand through signage can lead to better brand recall.

Sign Research Foundation also reports that 50% of American consumers have said they’ve failed to find a business due to small or unclear signage.

For reinforcing brand awareness, we recommend PVC Boards. The versatility of PVC signs makes them a perfect choice for point of sale signage, doors signs for business or personalized yard signs.

Attract customers with PVC Board Printing on a wooden sandwich stand



3 | Promote Your Message at Low Cost

Large-format signage provides ample space to convey key marketing messages, promotions, or product offerings. It allows for creativity in design, enabling businesses to effectively communicate their value propositions and attract customers.

As if that wasn’t enough, large-format signage offers a cost-effective way to reach a large audience over an extended period when compared to other forms of advertising such as television or radio commercials. Once installed, signage requires minimal ongoing costs.

For conveying your marketing and advertising messages effectively, we recommend indoor banners. Indoor banners are an essential tool for promoting your business at a trade show or promoting products and sales within your store.

Large format printing Indoor banners to promote your business



4 | Make a Lasting Impression

High-quality large-format signage is often weather-resistant and durable, making it suitable for outdoor use. Properly maintained signage can withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and continued visibility for your business, which only adds to its cost-effectiveness.

For durable and impactful signage, we recommend aluminum boards. These signs showcase vivid and intricate images very well, so you can showcase impactful visuals. They’re also lightweight and rigid, helping them outlast other signs when maintained well.

Aluminum Board Large Format signage hanging on street



Harness the potential of large format signage

In the competitive landscape of business, effective promotion is essential for sustained success.

By strategically incorporating these 4 ways to attract customers with large format signage into you marketing strategy, you can create a powerful and lasting impact on your target audience.

Indoor banner display

Check out our Large Format Print Requirements for detailed information on how to create your own banner or signage for your business.

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