Create a direct line of communication with your audiences on their devices at home or where they work.

Turn website visitors into real-life buyers.

Lost in the trade show mix?  Rise to the top!

To go or not to go. If you attend an event, you’re well aware of the costs: the event registration, the employees, your employees’ time, the advertising, the giveaways.  Was it worth the investment? Do you find yourself justifying the costs with statements like, “We need to be out there.” Conversely, do you find yourself justifying not going because you think you can’t justify the costs. What are you leaving on the table? Are you literally not in the market place? Your audience gathers at a trade show. Whether or not you attend, our technologies can make you seen before, during and after the event.

Located them, but how to reach them? Turn to location based digital ads.

You work and pay for a refined list of customers or prospects.  Now you want to reach them directly.  The options are all costly, even more so when you need multiple touches.
What if you could get your offer directly to them multiple times, at home, and let them respond with a single click? We can deliver this result, we can do it without increasing your budget.

Just browsing?  Get them as they’re walking out the door.

Have you ever looked over your web analytics and considered all the visitors that do not get in touch with you, or those at the end of a checkout process, without completing the first time order? For many of those visitors, that’s your last interaction them. Sharpdots can reach those lost customers. Our ad tech can create the opportunity to take these anonymous visitors and make them known. We identify them, locate them, and send them an offer specific to their item of interest.

Holiday Schedule: Sharpdots will be closed on Monday, January 2, 2023.  Production will resume on Tuesday,  January 3 , 2023.
If you have any questions about your turnaround times, please contact us.