How to Launch an Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) Campaign




Every Door Direct Mail®, or EDDM®, campaigns can be a game-changer for businesses looking to reach local audiences without breaking the bank. Learning how to launch an Every Door Direct Mail® campaign might feel complicated at first, but it’s easier than you think!

This guide will teach you is everything you need to know before launching a successful EDDM® campaign for your business.

How to Launch EDDM Campaigns Every Door Direct Mail

1 | What is Every Door Direct Mail® or (EDDM®)?

Every Door Direct Mail®, or EDDM®, is a service offered by the United States Postal Service®, or USPS®, that allows businesses to reach every household in a targeted area without needing to have a mailing list.

The main benefits of an EDDM® campaign are:

  • Delivery to every address on selected mail carrier routes.
  • No mailing list required.
  • Low postage rates; lower than First-class® or Standard Mail®.
  • Easy way to target local neighborhoods.
  • Full EDDM® Campaign Services with Sharpdots

Essentially, you are able to market your business and offer to consumers in surrounding neighborhoods without purchasing a mailing list or canvassing from door to door.


2 | What Kind of Business is EDDM® Good For?

EDDM® is particularly advantageous for small and medium-sized businesses looking to market products and services to their local communities.

This service is suitable for a wide range of businesses across various industries. Local businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, healthcare practices, real estate agencies, and home service providers can all benefit from EDDM® campaigns.

Essentially, any business looking to attract customers within a specific geographic area can leverage the power of EDDM® to increase visibility and drive foot traffic.


3 | Every Door Direct Mail® Products

The USPS® offers two types of EDDM® products.

Features of EDDM Retail®
  • Requires a account.
  • No special mailing permit required.
  • Offers postage savings through EDDM® reduced rates.


Features of EDDM BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit)
  • Requires a USPS Business Customer Gateway account whether your own account or through our services.
  • Requires USPS Marketing Mail™ permit.
  • Offers additional savings through EDDM® bulk mail postage rates.


EDDM Retail®
Send to at least one postal route and up to 5k mailers per day. Send to at least one postal route, without a daily volume limit.
Marketing Mail® flats. Marketing Mail® flats, irregular parcels, periodicals, and bound printed matter flats.
Weight Requirements

    • Maximum 3.3oz
Weight Requirements

    • Maximum 16oz
Drop off mailers at the post office local to your delivery route. Drop off mailers at the post office local to your delivery route or at your local Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU).
Pay postage online or at the post office using account. Pay postage online or at the post office using USPS Marketing Mail™ permit.
Postage depends on mailer size, but starts at $0.203 per piece. Postage depends on mailer size, but starts at $0.202 per piece.
Flats mailed under EDDM Retail® are not eligible for Non-profit prices. Flats mailed under EDDM-BMEU may be eligible for Non-profit rates with a Non-profit bulk mail permit.


4 | How much does an EDDM® campaign cost?

Both EDDM Retail® and EDDM BMEU campaigns are very cost effective relative to other types of marketing campaigns. In addition to saving time and money, you will not need to purchase a mailing list or address your mailing. Moreover, you will also save on postage, as EDDM® boasts more competitive postage rates.


The main costs associated with a EDDM Retail® campaign:

  • Printing your mailer.
  • Delivering your mailer to the post office.
  • EDDM® postage.
    • EDDM Retail® Marketing Flats currently $0.203 per piece
    • EDDM BMEU Marketing Mail Flats currently $0.202 per piece
You will not pay for:
  • A mailing list
  • Addressing your mailer
  • Standard postage rates



5 | What are USPS EDDM® requirements?

Our standard EDDM® mailer sizes are 6×11″ and 8.5×11″.  For EDDM® Templates, please refer to our Templates page.

In addition, we also offer custom size mailers. We can guide you on custom mailer sizes that meet the USPS® size requirements for EDDM® Campaigns.


USPS® requirements for EDDM Retail® and EDDM BMEU mailers.

EDDM® Size Requirements for Marketing Mail® Flats :
  • Minimum: 10.5″ Wide, 6.125″ High, 0.25″ Thick
  • Maximum: 15″ Wide, 12″ High, 0.75″ Thick


EDDM® Indicia Requirements:
  • Mailers need to include an EDDM® indicia

EDDM Retail Indicia and Mailing Label diagram showing address and indicia placement on postcardsEDDM BMEU Indicia and Mailing label requirements for address and indicia

Please note, some USPS® services are not available for EDDM® mailers.
  • EDDM® Mailers may receive deferred delivery. The USPS® does not guarantee the delivery of USPS® Marketing Mail® within a specified time.
  • Personal information may not be included in an EDDM Retail® mail piece.
  • No forwarding or return service is available for pieces mailed as EDDM Retail®.



6 | How to build an EDDM® campaign

Interested in how to launch an Every Door Direct Mail® campaign? Follow these steps to build your campaign.

You can prepare and deliver an EDDM® campaign to the post office yourself, or partner with a direct marketing company that specializes in EDDM® services. Outsourcing the preparation of your campaign, will save you time and ensure that your mailers are correctly prepared and delivered according to USPS® requirements.

Step 1 | Define Your Target Area

Use the EDDM Online Tool to select the specific carrier routes you want to target based on demographic and geographic criteria. The USPS

Step 2 | Design Your Mailer

Create a visually appealing and compelling mailer that resonates with your target audience. Follow EDDM® mailer size and indicia requirements.

Step 3 | Print your Mailer with a Print Partner

Consider partnering with a reputable printing company that specializes in EDDM® services to print your mailers. Here at Sharpdots, in addition to printing your mailers, we can prepare and deliver them to USPS® for you.

Step 4 | Prepare Your Mailers for Delivery

Bundle in groups of 50-100 mailers according to USPS® requirements. Prepare the necessary delivery slips (EDDM Retail Facing Slip) or (EDDM BMEU Facing Slip) and Postal Service processing forms (EDDM Retail form) (EDDM BMEU PS Form 8125 or PS Form 3602).

Step 5 | Pay for Postage

Pay for your postage online or at the post office.

Step 6 | Deliver to the Post Office

Drop off your prepared mailers at your local post office or ship them to the post office local to your campaign delivery routes.

By following these steps and leveraging the power of EDDM®, you can effectively reach your target audience, drive engagement, and ultimately grow your business.


7 | How to get started?

Compatible Mailers (EDDM® Templates)

Designing mailers that meet USPS® size requirements for EDDM® campaigns is the first hurdle you’ll encounter when starting your next campaign.

To help you get started, download our EDDM® mailer templates. If you are interested in exploring the possibility an EDDM campaign, request a quote using the form below, and we’ll take it from there!


EDDM® Campaign Services

When you choose Sharpdots Full-Service EDDM®, we do the work for you! We take care of everything from designing your mailer, printing, preparing the USPS® paperwork, bundling your mailers and delivering them to the post office.

Or select Print-Only EDDM® services and we’ll print, bundle and ship the EDDM®-ready mailers to you. You deliver the mailers to your delivery route local post office and pay the postage at your convenience.


A Cost-effective Way to Reach Local Audiences

In essence, part of why direct mail is so effective is because there are many different kinds of direct mail, each addressing different business types and needs.

Every Door Direct Mail®, EDDM®, offers businesses a cost-effective and efficient way to reach local audiences.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to launch an Every Door Direct Mail® campaign, contact one of our direct mail specialists. We can guide you every step of the way!


Start planning your EDDM® campaign by filling the Direct Mail Quote form below today and unlock the potential of direct mail marketing for your business.



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