All your marketing intelligence centralized on one platform. Turn your data into usable information and messaging.

Be a magnet for business.

Data scattered everywhere? Pull it together!

Does this sound familiar? Your data is siloed data across countless platforms. Notifications are not distributed to staff in time. You have lots of data but no usable information. Your people give up and go back to spreadsheets or worse, note pads! Let’s pull it together. See the full history of a lead in one place, and set your people up to succeed with up-to-the-minute, accurate information.

Flooding customers with information? Sync up to their rhythm.

Contact nurturing is about going at the pace of your individual prospects. Too much and your audience tunes out, too little and they forget. We get it just right for your audience.  Our marketing automation service keeps your business in touch so that you and your sales staff are notified at the moment of need.

Same message to everyone? Right message, right audience.

Whether you have 5,000, or 500,000 contacts, there is no way they all need to hear the same message.  Until the message is driven by what you know about the contact, it will be difficult to keep them engaged. We have your audience segments covered, and deliver messages that resonate.  
Daily update: 1/5/2021:  While physically distanced, we are making every effort to maintain the health of your vital communications.
To ensure the safety of our customers and staff, our marketing and service team work remotely, while our production staff works on a rotational schedule.
-The Sharpdots Team