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The data is clear. Consumer engagement increases when you use an omni-channel marketing strategy across multiple platforms and channels. A study by Lob revealed that 31% of consumers are more likely to engage with a brand when they receive multiple forms of communication.

Most businesses already use digital marketing channels, such as social media and email, to communicate with their customers. However, how do you transform multiple digital marketing channels into an effective omni-channel marketing strategy? The trick is to find an affordable and actionable way to unify your message across all your channels.

This is where direct mail can play a critical role! Discover how direct mail can be powerful tool for unifying an omni-channel consumer experience and meeting your audience where they are.

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What is Omni-channel Marketing?

Omni-channel marketing is a strategy that recognizes how consumers interact with brands through multiple channels such as websites, social media, email, and physical locations.

The key to omni-channel success lies in providing a unified journey that allows consumers to transition seamlessly between channels while maintaining a consistent brand message and experience.

Ultimately, consumers begin to recognize and become familiar with your business the more they encounter your brand across multiple platforms.


The Omni-channel Customer Experience

An Omni-channel advertising campaign takes the entire customer journey into account. Imagine the ways your brand might show up for customers, if you created a coordinated campaign across all your marketing channels.


  • A customer sees your offer in their social media feed.
  • They visit your website but do not make a purchase.
  • They receive a mailer with your offer in the mail with a personalized URL.
  • They navigate to your site, choose items and add them to their cart, but do not make a purchase.
  • They receive an email offer with an offer code.
  • They see your offer on social and remember your brand.
  • They complete their purchase on your site.
  • You follow up with a post purchase email.

Multichannel vs. Omnichannel infographic

Omni-channel vs. Multi-channel Campaigns

An omni-channel campaign is a comprehensive marketing campaign that integrates multiple communication channels to provide a seamless and consistent customer experience.

It ensures that all interactions with your brand, whether online or offline, are interconnected and unified, delivering a cohesive message across various platforms.

When creating your own omni-channel campaign, it’s important to understand the difference between omni-channel and multi-channel strategies.

While multi-channel marketing also uses several platforms to engage with customers, these channels often operate independently, leading to a fragmented and inconsistent customer experience.

In contrast, omni-channel marketing interconnects all these channels to create a unified customer journey. It ensures that no matter where or how customers interact with your brand, they receive a consistent message and experience.

This approach enhances customer engagement and satisfaction by providing a holistic brand experience that feels natural and intuitive.

Additionally, omni-channel campaigns make it easier for consumers to remember your brand. This increase in brand recall makes omni-channel campaigns a powerful tool for building brand awareness.

Scanning direct mail letter with QR code on mobile smart phone.

Why add Direct Mail to an Omni-channel Campaign?

When building a omni-channel strategy, it’s easy to overlook the advantages of a direct mail channel. However, when creating a cohesive journey for your target audience, direct mail is a key channel to consider to unify the customer experience.

Direct mail merges a physically tangible offer with your digital marketing efforts. In fact, the previously mentioned 2022 study by Lob states that 43% of consumers visit a company’s website after receiving physical mail.

Incorporating a direct mail channel in your omni-channel marketing strategy allows your offer to show up physically in consumers mailboxes.

A consistent call-to-action and visuals across all channels reaches potential customers with a clear and unified message.


Omni Mail Campaign calendar showing schedule of deliver of social ads, direct mailer and email campaign.

Omni-channel Campaign Tools

Omni Mail is our solution to coordinated multi-channel marketing. We help our clients create a unified omni-channel experience for their customers.

Omni Mail is a coordinated, trackable, omni-channel campaign that provides strategically timed delivery of a direct mail piece, along with digital ads and an email campaign.

Omni Channel Direct Marketing campaigns and custom dashboarding

How does Omni Mail work?

1 | Omni Mail campaigns start by sending your offer via display ads, such as social media ads or digital banner ads. Over the course of 2 weeks your audience becomes familiar with your brand and offer.

2 | After 2 weeks, a personalized mailer with the same offer is delivered directly to your audience’s mailbox.

3 | Your digital ads continue running for two weeks after the mail delivery.

4 | An email is sent during the final week of the campaign.

5 | Touch points and engagements are tracked in your campaign dashboard, delivering leads and keeping you informed on campaign performance.

This omni-channel approach provides on average 8-12 touch points per target reinforcing your brand and offer through both digital and physical channels. Campaign performance is tracked and delivered on a custom campaign dashboard.



The Benefits of Omni Mail

High Response Rates

According to a study by Demand Metric, when direct mail is integrated into a broad marketing strategy it results in an impressive 18% lift in response rates.
So, it’s not surprising that our Omni Mail campaigns have on average achieved double-digit response rates for our clients.
If you’re looking to increase the effectiveness of your digital efforts, then adding direct mail into the mix will help you reach your goal!

Increased Engagement

By integrating direct mail into your omni-channel marketing strategy, you can keep your audience engaged throughout the campaign.
Accordion to Lob’s study, 59% of consumers engaged with a mail piece that included an image of an item viewed online.
The repetition of the same message across multiple channels reinforces brand awareness and encourages consumers to act when your mail piece finally arrives in their mailbox.

Trackable Results

With Sharpdots Omni Mail, you gain access to a custom dashboard where you can track the performance of your campaign in real-time.
From response rates to impressions, having all the data in one place allows for informed decision-making and optimization.
Ultimately, our own customized dashboard puts you in control of your data. Allowing you to make the most advantageous marketing decisions for your business.


Despite the fact that direct mail is more costly than email or social marketing channels, due to its high response rates, direct mail remains a cost-effective way to reach your audience.
With Sharpdots Omni Mail, you leverage the power of omni-channel marketing with the benefit of a unified approach a in a wrap around tactic of both digital and tactile messaging.
Check our our Omni Mail Calculator to see how affordable it can be to add email and digital ad channels and boost the response rates of your next marketing campaign.



Analyze Results and Gain Insights

One of the standout benefits of omni-channel campaigns is the ability to test and assess their effectiveness with remarkable precision.

Through integrating multiple channels—such as email, social media, direct mail, and physical print products—you can gather comprehensive data on customer interactions and behaviors. This multi-faceted approach allows for easy A/B testing and real-time feedback.

Assessing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is crucial for continuous improvement and growth. Omni-channel campaigns provide robust mechanisms for unified metrics and cross-channel attribution.

With Sharpdots Omni Mail, we leverage the power of omni-channel campaigns to provide you with actionable insights and streamlined management tools through a custom campaign dashboard.

This dashboard displays all the metrics needed for you to assess your campaign performance and make educate marketing decisions.

Our goal is to ensure your marketing efforts are not only impactful but also measurable and manageable.


man and a woman look at a custom Omni Mail dashboard on a desktop computer screen

Impactful Omni-channel Campaigns

Incorporating direct mail into your omni-channel marketing strategy significantly enhances your campaign’s effectiveness.

With Sharpdots Omni Mail, you can create coordinated, trackable, and impactful campaigns that resonate with your audience across multiple channels—increasing engagement and response rates.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to launch an Omni-channel campaign, contact one of our direct mail specialists. We are happy to discuss your needs and help you determine the right tools for your next marketing campaign.



What is a Marketing Channel?

A marketing channel is a medium a company uses to communicate with its target audience. Marketing channels can be physical, like retail stores, direct mail, or events. They can also be digital, like company websites, social media, email, SMS and digital advertising.

What are Omnichannels?

Omni channels are any media channel used in an omni-channel marketing campaign or strategy. Companies leverage both online and offline channels to generate consumer response. An omni-channel approach refers to marketing channels working together in one coordinated strategy.

How does Omni-channel Marketing work?

Omni-channel marketing integrates and coordinates various marketing channels to provide a seamless and consistent customer experience across all touch points, both online and offline. This strategy ensures that customers experience a cohesive journey, whether they start shopping on a mobile app, receive targeted email offers, or complete their purchase in a physical store.

What is an Omni Merchant?

An omni merchant is any business that seamlessly integrates their sales and marketing channels to provide consumers with a unified experience. This is achieved through the use of multiple marketing channels and technologies to synchronize and track their communications.


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