Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By accessing this site, and pages thereof, and by using Sharpdots service you (hereby referred to as ‘The Customer”) agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below and any statement on all web pages of the Sharpdots website. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not access this site, or any pages thereof, or utilize Sharpdots services and information.

Type of Service

Sharpdots provides custom printing and graphics-related services. Sharpdots reserves the right to modify its product offering and pricing at will and without notice.

Copyright Release

With the use of the Sharpdots website and of the Sharpdots custom print service, the Customer acknowledges that the Customer is the legal owner and/or licensee of all submitted artwork to Sharpdots and relinquishes Sharpdots of any legal liability related to copyright violation and/or infringement. The Customer assumes sole responsibility and liability of all submitted artwork to Sharpdots.

Color Accuracy

Some Sharpdots print jobs are run with other jobs or gang run. This means jobs are printed on a large sheet with many other jobs. We will reproduce color from submitted originals or digital layouts as closely as possible, but cannot exactly match color and density (as viewed in a 5000K light booth) because of limitations in the printing process, as well as neighboring image ink requirements. For the same reasons, color from the same digital files will vary from press run to press run. The accuracy of each color reproduction is guaranteed to be within a plus/minus tolerance of 7% to targets set on our presses. We make no guarantees of color relative to processes not within our control, such as Customer monitors, color print outs, supplied printed samples, etc. We accept no responsibility for color variations between submitted images and the actual artwork or product they represent. All jobs printed in CMYK require CMYK files; any other color model will be converted automatically which may result in a visual difference. For color critical jobs, a hard color proof is recommended. Please note that jobs not on gang runs are also subject to the printing tolerances above, excluding neighboring image ink requirements.

Additionally, colors will vary depending on the paper stock indicated in each product, as the brightness and tone of each type of stock varies. For example, colors will generally be darker on uncoated papers than on coated papers.

Graphic Specifications

Sharpdots requires the Customer to provide complete, press-ready digital files. Not meeting these specifications will delay your order, or may incur additional costs. Our artwork specifications can be found on here.

Although Sharpdots makes every attempt to screen all artwork submissions, Sharpdots cannot be held responsible for color, resolution, or trimming errors due to files not meeting specifications.

Artwork Proofs

Sharpdots requires the Customer to approve a proof generated by Sharpdots from the Customer’s artwork submission in order to commence print production of the Customer’s custom print order. In some cases, a “no proof” option is available to expedite turnaround. If a “no proof” option is selected, the customer a) is fully responsible for all aspects of the artwork file and assures it meets all graphics specifications, b) understands the files will be processed by software automation and not be reviewed by Sharpdots staff, c) will not hold Sharpdots responsible for any errors in content or layout.

Pricing for all products includes a computer screen softproof via an online proofing system or in the format of either a Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) file or an Adobe Acrobat Reader Portable Document File (PDF). In some cases, to open, review, and print Sharpdots PDF proofs, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Program, which is available at http://www.adobe.com. Instructions on how to access the Sharpdots generated JPEG software or PDF softproof will be sent to the Customer’s valid email address for approval.

Please note that the softproofs are generated for the Customer to verify and approve the layout, content, and text of their artwork. The JPEG or PDF proofs do not guarantee accurate color representation and color match of the Customer’s artwork. If an accurate color match is required from the Customer, Sharpdots requires the purchase and the signed approval of a hardproof (color calibrated digital proof).

Promotional Usage

Use of the Sharpdots website and of the Sharpdots custom print service grants Sharpdots the right to use any Sharpdots produced material and printed product, in part or in whole, for promotional purposes in Internet, Electronic, Audio, and Printed Media, as it is related to Sharpdots, the Sharpdots website, and the Sharpdots custom print service.

If you do not wish to have your printed product featured, inform Sharpdots in writing by sending a detailed letter to Sharpdots, 3733a San Gabriel River Parkway, Pico Rivera, CA 90660, or by emailing service@sharpdots.com.


All posted turnaround times are guidelines only and are not guaranteed. Sharpdots understands our Customer’s needs for timely delivery and makes every effort to meet or exceed our stated turnaround times. However, potential mechanical breakdowns, natural disasters, bad weather, or delivery service may cause delays; therefore, time sensitive projects should be planned in advance. Sharpdots is not liable for any business losses related to turnarounds or Customer’s missed deadlines. Please speak with your account representative if you have a hard deadline or time sensitive material.

All turnaround times are posted in business days, and exclude weekends and holidays. Transit times are variable based on location and delivery method and are not included in turnaround times.

Over-Runs or Under-Runs

Over-runs or under-runs will not exceed ten percent (10%) of the quantity ordered. If the Customer requires a guaranteed quantity, the percentage of tolerance must be stated, in writing, at the time of quotation or purchase.

An additional tolerance of a three percent (3%) error rate in printing will apply to jobs which are processed for mail fulfillment.


As all print orders contracted to and manufactured by Sharpdots are high quality, customized products, credit card payments are charged prior to print production and shipment. Orders are processed when received and with verbal confirmation. There is a $25 fee for returned checks.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Orders are subject to a cancellation fee: $25.00 (For Order Under $250) OR 10% (For Orders Over $250), once we begin your order.

All print orders contracted to and manufactured by Sharpdots are high-quality, customized products. Therefore, Sharpdots cannot restock or reuse any print order and its related material, including but not limited to film, proof, inks, press plates, and used paper.

By the act of the Customer’s order confirmation and proof approval, the Customer formally instructs Sharpdots to proceed and complete print production of the Customer’s order. Once proof approval and print production commences, Sharpdots cannot cancel the order and cannot provide a refund. The Customer cannot refuse payment of print order if client has approved their artwork proof and confirmed the order. If artwork is not received within 30 days of your order, the job will be cancelled and a service fee of $25.00 (For Orders Under $250) OR 10% (For Orders Over $250) will be applied; the balance of payment will be refunded.

The Customer acknowledges shipment receipt of the approved print order and cannot refuse receipt of shipment. Will Call orders which are not retrieved by the Customer one week after job completion will be automatically shipped via UPS Ground.

Jobs that are left inactive for more than 30 days will be subject automatic cancellation with fees applied.

Filing a Complaint and Reprint/Credit Policy

Complaints for jobs out of specifications must be submitted in writing within 10 days of receipt of order, after which, Customer waives any right to file a complaint and receive print credit or a reprint. The Customer must provide the Order Number and a detailed description of the complaint/issue.

The Customer must file a complaint in writing by letter, fax, or email. Sharpdots cannot accept verbal complaints. The Customer must provide the Order Number and a detailed description of the complaint/issue.

Please Note: Use of the print order by the Customer constitutes acceptance of the order and the Customer immediately waives any right to file a complaint and receive print credit or a reprint.

If Sharpdots has erred the Customer’s order, Sharpdots, upon its discretion, will reprint and ship the order at Sharpdots expense. Sharpdots reserves the right to have the order in question returned to us at our cost.

Use of the print order by the Customer constitutes acceptance of the order and the Customer immediately waives any right to file a complaint.

A reprint constitutes reprinting an order based on previously approved digital artwork, film, paper, and finishing (such as coating, machine folding, etc.). Following industry standards, if the Customer wishes to change any aspect of the previously approved order, the Customer is not entitled to a reprint and is responsible for all costs.

Sharpdots ships all authorized reprints via Ground service only. The Customer is responsible for all shipping and handling upgrade costs. Sharpdots liability shall be limited to the sales price of any out of specification work. Sharpdots will not be liable for any consequential damages such as profit loss, etc.

In lieu of a reprint, Sharpdots can provide a print credit for a future order. This credit is good for up to one year after issuance. The value of the print credit can be for all or a portion of the complaint order and is determined solely by Sharpdots.

Sharpdots is not responsible for any damages or claims incurred by you or your company due to delays or production errors. Mailing, Shipping and Postage costs are not refundable.


Third party carriers require adequate address information in order to reasonably make a delivery. An example is if the shipment is going to a multi-story building and you have not provided the floor number. If possible, the driver will make a good faith attempt to ascertain the necessary information to make the delivery. If your driver is successful, you will be charged for the extraordinary service required to successfully deliver your shipment despite inadequate information.

If unsuccessful, your shipment will be returned to its origin. Sharpdots recommends double checking your address information. Common omissions which carrier charges address corrections are; room numbers, suite numbers, apartment numbers, building numbers, floor numbers, street, lane, and drive descriptions, etc. The Customer is responsible for providing Sharpdots adequate address information for carriers to make a reasonable attempt at delivery.

If carriers charges are incurred by Sharpdots for any address corrections, Sharpdots will pass that charge onto the Customer by billing the address change charge onto the same credit card used for the original purchase.

Will Call orders which are not retrieved by Customer one week after job completion will be automatically shipped via UPS Ground.

Changes to Shipping information must be made 24 hours prior to shipment. Any requests for changes on the day of shipment may incur delays.

Sharpdots may choose a suitable carrier depending on quantity and items purchased; packaging and boxing may vary.

Customer may request SharpDots to use customer’s shipping account. The customer is responsible for paying a handling fee of 3% or $10, whichever is greater


Sharpdots will be liable for mailings to the extent of completing a mailing, and damages will be limited to the amount charged for the mailing. Sharpdots is not liable for consequential damages of any kind. Sharpdots is also not liable for the delivery by the USPS.

Mailing lists not supplied to specifications (including duplicates on database or database formatting to wrong fields) may incur a service charge for correcting the list. Sharpdots will not use Customer mail list for any purpose other than the completion of Customer job. Sharpdots will not offer Customer mail list to any other party.

Product Limitations

The following limitations apply to print products sold by Sharpdots.
  1. Paper specifications are subject to variations from the mill, including thickness, body, brightness. For all online products, paper specification are limited to the specificity of the online product description.
  2.  Laserproofing. Our products have been shown to be compatible with most laser printing devices, but we cannot guarantee application to each customer’s specific laser device. Customer assumes responsibility of such compatibility. Sharpdots will gladly supply samples free of charge for compatibility test.
Holiday Schedule: Sharpdots will be closed on Thursday, July 4, 2024, and Friday, July 5, 2024. Production will resume on Monday, July 8, 2024.
If you have any questions about your turnaround times, please contact us.