5 Benefits of Triggered Direct Mail Campaigns




In today’s saturated digital landscape, where emails and digital ads compete for attention, direct mail campaigns can help you cut through the noise and connect with customers in a more personal and timely manner.

With 50% of consumers trying a new product or service within six months of receiving a direct mail piece and 40% of consumers enjoying a daily trip to their mailbox, it’s easy to see why direct mail remains a staple for many businesses.

While traditional direct mail is an effective marketing tool, you can make it even more effective by sending direct mail only when your customers need it.

Here’s how you can create a triggered direct mail campaign that delivers your offer at just the right time.


What is a Triggered Direct Mail Campaign?

A triggered direct mail campaign involves sending personalized physical mail based on specific customer actions or events.

These triggers ensure that your mailer is relevant and timely. Triggers can be events like a recent purchase or an upcoming birthday.

Triggered direct mail allows you to surprise your customers in an impactful way.

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5 Benefits of Triggered Direct Mail

Trigger-based direct mail offers the following compelling advantages:


1 | Personalization 

By tailoring messages to individual behaviors, such as sending a thank-you card with a discount code to recent customers, engagement and conversion rates can be significantly enhanced.

Add an element of surprise by sending one of our dimensional mailers. Check out our Pop Up Cube Mailer.

2 | Timeliness

Targeting triggers allows for timely outreach, like sending a reminder to customers who abandoned their carts, which can recover potentially lost sales.
You can also send mailers to remind customers to renew or restock their products.
You can make these reminders even more effective by offering a discount.

3 | Enhanced ROI 

Instead of sending to a large list, triggered direct mail only sends when customers have taken actions you deem valuable enough to trigger the sending of your direct mail piece.
The focused nature of trigger-based campaigns means marketing budgets are spent efficiently on the most promising leads, resulting in higher returns.

4 | Improved Customer Engagement

Personalized and relevant mail can make customers feel valued, fostering brand loyalty and advocacy.
Achieve this by sending mailers for customer birthdays or their anniversary of when they became your customer for the first time.

5 | Increased Results

Triggered direct mail campaigns save you money by only triggering mailers when needed. In turn, your campaign generates more conversions because mailers reach prospects already engaged with your brand.

The bottom line is increased conversions and customer loyalty.



How to Setup a Triggered Direct Mail Campaign

If these strategies sound like they would be a good fit for the audience you want to reach, we’re here to help.

Interested in how to plan your first triggered direct mail campaign? Check out our helpful Triggered Direct Mail Campaign Guide.




Types of Trigger-Based Direct Mail Campaigns

Implementing a triggered direct mail campaign involves identifying key customer triggers and designing relevant mail pieces.


Campaigns for existing Customer Engagement:

Create Triggered Direct Mail Campaigns for your known customers to increase retention and engagement.


  • WELCOME OR ONBOARDING CAMPAIGN – A personalized welcome package to new customers, providing essential information, resources, or a thank you card.


  • MILESTONE CAMPAIGN Acknowledge special occasions or customer milestones with personalized cards or offers to strengthen brand loyalty.


  • REACTIVATION CAMPAIGN Reach out to inactive customers with special incentives to reignite their interest in your brand.


  • RENEWAL CAMPAIGN Send timely reminders for scheduled appointments or upcoming events. You can also send a card to remind customers in need of a renewal.


Campaigns to Generate NEW Customers:

Create Triggered Direct Mail Campaigns to increase sales and generate new customers.


  • ABANDONED CART CAMPAIGN Remind customers about items left in their online cart and incentivize them to complete their purchase with discounts or offers.


  • GEOGRAPHIC OR LOCATION-BASED TRIGGERSTailor mailings based on recipient location, offering localized promotions or updates.


  • NEW MOVER CAMPAIGN Welcome new residents to the neighborhood with introductory offers and services.


  • PRODUCT LAUNCH OR POST-PURCHASE CAMPAIGN Send an offer or samples to online shoppers interested in your product or service.


Triggered Direct Mail Campaigns as a Custom Solution:

Towards the beginning of the pandemic, we helped an online retailer target online window shoppers who were viewing products on their website without making a purchase.

We tracked online shoppers on the client’s website, and sent a sample mailer to shoppers who visited selected relevant web pages.

Typically, anonymous shoppers slip through the cracks because companies don’t have their contact information. However, with our Anonymous Web Visitor service, the client was able to nurture and convert those visitors and grow their business even while customers shopped from home.


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Boost the Response to your Direct Mail

Leveraging triggered direct mail campaigns, allows businesses to capitalize on direct mail’s unique ability to engage and convert customers.

Trigger-based strategies can enable you to deliver personalized, timely messages that resonate with customers. Ultimately, targeted, triggered campaigns drive higher engagement and ROI.

Whether it’s welcoming new customers, re-engaging inactive ones, or celebrating milestones, triggered direct mail enhances customer relationships. If you are looking to boost your overall marketing effectiveness, triggered-based campaigns are an important tool.

You may already know what type of trigger will work best for your customers. If you are interested in learning more, fill out the form below to get started with triggered direct mail!





How can I increase my direct mail response rate?

To increase your direct mail response rate, we recommend 1) personalizing your messaging and offers to resonate with your target audience, 2) making sure your call-to-action is clear and compelling, and 3) using a multi-channel approach to maximum impact even further.

What factors have the greatest influence on the success of a direct mail campaign?

The success of a direct mail campaign is most influenced by the relevance of the message to the target audience. Your offer should resonate with the person receiving it. A clearly defined target audience and quality data in your mailing list will greatly influence the outcome of your direct mail campaign.

Why direct mail is making a comeback?

Direct mail is making a comeback due to its tangible nature, ability to stand out in a digital-heavy world, and its potential for highly targeted and personalized messaging. Additionally, advancements in marketing tools have made direct mail easier to track and test--making it more effective than ever before.

What is triggered direct mail?

Triggered direct mail involves sending a physical mail piece based on specific triggers set off by your target audience. These triggers can be actions like making a purchase, visiting a website, or a customer's birthday. By automating these triggers, businesses can send timely and relevant mailings to customers or prospects with little effort.


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